Firm Overview

Marc P. Feldman, Esq.

My role as a Bankruptcy Law attorney is to go beyond the technical legal issues and address the human factors; the pain and fear of displacement and uncertainty. I seek to listen to my clients, really listen. I understand and empathize with their profound anguish and dislocation suffered by those who seek my help.

My goal is then to move a case along in a speedy and efficient manner. I will work to resolve your case reflecting both my expertise and your input. I am dedicated, above all, to fighting for and protecting your best interest.

I am well aware that nothing is more frustrating to a client than lack of communication. I am committed to responding as quickly as possible to you and discussing every aspect of your case with you, thus avoiding confusion and discomfort. I am sensitive to my clients’ unique individual needs and I am dedicated to deliver prompt, practical advice.

Choosing the right representation is the first step toward achieving a successful result.  My strong commitment is to provide the most professional, effective, compassionate and strong legal representation possible.