Initial Consultation

At the Initial Office Consultation, we commence analysis of numerous documents detailing the client’s asset, debt, income, expense and past financial transactions. The 2005 Act requires us to do this before we can give any meaningful legal advice to the client.

Prior to the date set for the Initial Office Consultation, please assemble and organize as many of the below documents as possible. These are the most important ones and bringing them with you to the IOC will enable us to properly analyze your need for debt relief. The 2005 Act requires some additional asset and past transactions information which we will identify at the IOC. The documents are as follows:

  • A recent credit report for each individual debtor.
  • Monthly statements for all your bank, credit union, stock brokerage and other similar accounts for the last two months.
  • Documents relative to any bankruptcy you filed during the last eight years.
  • A list of all your residential addresses for the last three years.
  • All statements, bills, notices, letters received from creditors and collectors in the last three months — comprising all your debts including credit cards, medical bills, lawsuits, mortgage loans, personal loans, car loans, furniture loans, jewelry loans, etc.
  • Paycheck stubs for both husband and wife for the last two months, including the most-recent paycheck stubs.
  • If not payroll deductions, evidence of any retirement plan contributions made, or retirement loans repaid, for the last two months.
  • Documents evidencing miscellaneous income received over the last seven months (commissions, bonuses, child or spousal support, unemployment, trust fund, probate estate, gifts, gambling winnings, Social Security, disability, retirement pay, rents from tenants, interest & dividends, asset sales, etc.).
  • Calculation of current monthly living expenses including contributions for the last seven months by non-filing spouse/other members of household, including amount of any Social Security received by them during this period.
  • For business debtors, the business-entity balance sheet plus income & expense summary for the prior year ending and the latest month of the current year. (individual & business)
  • Federal & State income tax returns for the last two calendar years including W-2s and 1099s for the more recent year.
  • Real property deed, assessor’s notice or property tax statement; time-share unit purchase, loan and maintenance fee documents.
  • Bills, statements, receipts for normal living expenses during the last six months such as rent/mortgage, utility, food, child care, clothing, schooling, medical, dental, car operation, insurance bills, back taxes, unreimbursed work expenses, storage, and student loan payments.
  • Any court orders setting child support or spousal support amounts that you should be paying or receiving, including the order setting regular ongoing monthly amounts and also setting any monthly amounts for catching up on past-due support.
  • Documents relative to any education IRA or tuition program accounts.

Also please print out the attached PDF files and bring them with you:

Prospective Cient Form  |  Intake Form